Happy Valentine’s Day

Dear Beloved One,

I knew He would come through! I knew it!  Jesus gave me a chocolate rose for Valentine’s Day!  Ha I believe and He did it .  You see some  weeks ago  I  knew  this  day  would  come  so I  said   I  am  going to  ask  Jesus   if  He would  He  be my Valentine.  He said Yes (John 3:16) ,of course, and I was happy with that.  But in the back of my mind I was like “Lord I  know  you said  yes but   can  you  give me  something so I know  you  heard my  prayer ” . It did not have to be big and flamboyant as flowers or a jewlery. I just wanted something to say “I heard your prayer” . So  as  the  days  went on I kind of  got this  feeling that He was going to give  me  something .  And what do you know! I got a chocolate rose from my Secret Pal at church! Awesome, right? Ha just awesome!

Well ,I tell you this to remind you that God hears all of our prayers, even the small ones. And  if  He  would  fulfill a small prayer as small as a  chocolate  rose then you  have to know  without a doubt that  He loves  you  more than   you  can  ever know . He is the greatest   love story that will ever be told. So if  for this Valentine’s  day  you are  alone  , single , just broke up  with  your  honey  bunny , don’t  worry  you  still have a  great  Valentine in  Jesus. Besides , He  loved  you  first and  more than  any other  person  ever  will .

Love ,


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