Dear Beloved One,

Saul found himself on the wrong side of right when he decided to take the plunders of war and spare king Agag’s life. The instruction was to kill everything and everyone. Instead Saul took it upon himself to alter the divine plan of God. As a result, Saul lost his crown. We risk the same thing when we don’t follow God’s instructions thoroughly. HIS plan may call for a left turn but you see something on the right that makes you want to go right. You make a right turn and find yourself 30 miles out of the way. Often we stumble on the way to achieving a goal because we figure that God’s way requires more time than we are willing to commit. That shortcut may cost us more than we realize.  God is not asking us to achieve the goal any way we can He is asking us to be obedient and trust HIS plan. We know God sees our life and knows everything that we need. He knows just when we need certain things.  But if  we are not willing to be obedient,  then  we tie  God’s  hands  and  we  miss an opportunity to  grow in faith .

Obedience is something that God is after because in your obedience you prove your faith.We can say that we have total faith in God but where is the evidence? Where does the rubber meet the road?   Have you made a move in the direction that God is calling you to go? Something about the people in the Bible captivates me. When they  did not have the  New Testament or in some cases the  Old Testament , they  were  willing to act on their  faith  and  obey the  word that God  had given them. Hebrews chapter 11, verse 7-8 outlines two people who in faith obeyed God. Noah never saw rain but he obeyed God and built the Ark. Abraham came from a family of Idol worshippers and he was willing to leave his traditions and home in obedience to God.  In both of their lives there was not an Old Testament to glean knowledge.  There was just the voice of God. Believe it or not obedience is for you. It is for your protection, growth and it proves the perfect will of God.  God has already promised that all of these things will work together for the good of   those who love God.  He  is only asking  us to obey  so that we can  experience  His  good  and  perfect  will  for  our lives.

At  first it is  hard ( I know, I’m working on this also), but   with  prayer , study and  building  that  relationship   with God  it’s not  impossible .   Let’s Pray

Dear Father,

I  have noticed that  in some areas of my life I  have not been obedient  to  your  word and to  your  will for my life. I  pray and ask   at this  current  moment that  you will  help me to clearly  hear  your  word  and in response  be  obedient  to  the  will that  you have  for  me. For I know Lord that you work all things together for my good. In your holy son Jesus name




1 Samuel 15 , Hebrews 11

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