Rejection: It’s not the End of the World

Dear Beloved One,

One thing I am not too fond of and will run from is sales. At my previous job, I would cringe when they would say, “it’s your turn to walk the floor and sell credit “. That means I have to convince customers that this extremely high interest rate card was a good thing for them. I hated it! I would put on my sweet, innocent face with a third grade smile and say “sir would you like to sign up for our advantage credit card today? If you do you will receive 10% back on your purchases.” and the customer in a rude, irritated tone would say “NO”. After a 100 NO’s a girl couldn’t help but think I was the problem . With that being said, you could only imagine how I felt when they announced at my church, “We’re selling candy to raise money for our youth trip” . “NOOOOO, I am not selling candy! I’m not a good salesperson”, I thought. Little did I know that through selling candy God was getting ready to teach me a little lesson.

We scheduled Good Friday afternoon to sell candy in front of a neighborhood store and I was partnered with some of the kids from the youth department and my sister. At first I was little hesitate to ask anyone if they would support the church group . I didn’t feel comfortable with asking people I did not know if they would indulge and buy a little sweet moment of chocolate bliss. It was like I had built up in my mind that the moment I would ask they would bite my head off . However the small kids were asking in their sweet voice each customer if they would like to buy candy to support their trip. They got a few No’s and that didn’t bother them they just asked the next person and then the next person . None of it was taken personal. Then it hit me” You are going to be rejected more than one time but it shouldn’t stop you from asking. You just keep moving.” The Holy Spirit referred me to Samuel( 1Samuel 8: 7) when he thought Israel was rejecting him because they wanted a king. God said it’s not you that they are rejecting it is me. In other words don’t take it personal.

Rejection is a part of life that no one likes to experience. It hurts, it’s painful and for some it forms the way we look at ourselves. If not careful rejection could cause us to hold back and not experience life . It could stop us from going after that new job, witnessing to that unsaved person, even after our purpose. It would be a tragedy to live here and not experience life. One thing that I will take from my experience in selling candy is , when rejected here I am accepted by the Father . I still have a lot of learning and character building to do in this area. All things are not perfect right away but I do know that if rejected I just gotta keep moving. His plan is waaaay better than what I had in mind. Let’s Pray

Dear Lord,

I would like to thank you for the experience and the lesson you have allowed me to share with your people . I now pray and ask that you would continue to help me and others who are dealing with the hurts and pains of rejection past and present to keep it moving . I pray that it does not hinder us from fulfilling the divine plan that you have for us but in it we can learn a divine lesson . Help us to remember that in your family we have been accepted and adopted and the rejection here on earth means nothing to our being in Christ . In your Holy Son Jesus name




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