Do U Know The Lost: Quick Prayer

Dear Beloved One,

Have you thought about someone who doesn’t know about Jesus? Don’t feel bad I was convicted also . Most of our lives we go through only thinking about ourselves never realizing that we are not the only people in the world. I am going to say a quick prayer for those who may not know about Jesus or may know him but don’t care to have a relationship with Him. Will you join me ?

Father God,
Today, I pray for the lost. I pray that they will answer your call to come unto you. Lord I pray that they would realize the importance of having you in their corner. Many Father have turned their backs on you and the sacrifice that was made to give them eternal life. I pray that their hearts will one day be ready to receive you as the savior. Lord help me to effectively witness to the lost so that they may come asking what must I do to be saved. At this moment lord I ask for forgiveness because I have not always thought about the lost in this world but I have only thought about myself. Lord I thank you for bringing this subject to my mind so that it could be addressed in my life. In your holy son Jesus name



One thought on “Do U Know The Lost: Quick Prayer

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  1. This is so true. Everyday we are around those who don’t have a relationship with our God. He is sending out His call everyday for the spiritualy lost to come to Him to repent, be converted, and filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 3:19). We as belivers must pray everyday that we be the light that the lost needs to see to turn their heart toward God. Very well said and needed.

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