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Dear God’s Beloved One,

I want to talk to you about the basics of prayer. If  you would like a printable version of this post, it will be located on the Life Foundation page as “What is Prayer”.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is communication with God .It is a conversation between you and God

Why do we pray?

You pray to build your relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. After  you  have  accepted  Jesus  Christ into your life as savior , you become  a child of God . You talk to God so that you can learn and know His nature and character as your father. Proverbs 15:8 says that God delights in the prayers of the upright. In other words, He loves and enjoys talking with His children. Luke 5:16 says that Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Through his prayers with God, Jesus was able to receive power and faith to perform miracles. In the same way, through our prayers we can be empowered to withstand life’s test and do great things.

How Do We Pray?

In Matthew 6:5-18, Jesus gives us guidelines on how to pray. He first says that prayer is a conversation that should take place in a private setting. When you pray privately the Father will reward you publicly.  Below are some tips about how to pray

  1. Select a secret place to pray
  2. When  you pray , pray to God from the heart .Your prayers  should be  sincere
  3. When you  pray , pray  and believe that what  you are praying about  the  Father hears it
  4. Forgive others so that the Father can forgive you
  5. Pray and ask in Jesus name

If you are  nervous  about  prayer and this is your  first time you can start by saying the Lord’s prayer (model)  which is recorded in Matthew 6:9-14.  When you reach the end of the model prayer you can add what you would like to tell God. End your prayer with In Jesus Name.  Jesus told the Disciples that if they would ask the Father using His name they would have abundant joy (John 16:24)

To further help you with prayer there is a format you can use. It’s called ACTS





Adoration– This means you are acknowledging God and His glory. Your adoration to Him is because He FIRST loved you. An example of this would be

“Dear Holy Father, we come before you in adoration”

Confession– You confess that you have not done everything right and you ask and thank Him for His forgiveness and patience

“Lord I want to confess that I have sinned. I ask you for your forgiveness and I thank you for your grace and mercy”

Thanksgiving– You thank God for all of your blessings and His love

“Lord, I would like to thank you for all of the blessing that you have blessed me with”

Supplication –Supplication is when you bring those things that concern you and that you need to God. You can even use this time to pray for someone else that may need God’s intervention. After you pray this part, you stamp it with “In Jesus name”

I hope that this has helped you in  your prayer life



Reference Verses

Matthew 6:5-18


Luke 5:16


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