Bitterness: Let It Go Before it gets you

2013529_203032_by_wordartDear God’s Beloved One,

I almost lost my life. I was driving down this road and I approached something that looked pretty hideous . It looked like trouble. It smelled like trouble . The Holy Spirit said it was trouble. But me playing the role of the Good Samaritan, had to stop and check on whatever was in the middle of the road .When I got out to check, I found that not only was the thing hideous it was bigger than I had originally thought. When the creature awoke , I saw why everything I sensed , thought , saw and was told by the Holy Spirit said trouble . This thing stood up and it was big . It was so big that it started to grow and block out what was left of the setting sun in the horizon. It saw me and I knew I was doomed . I turned to run to my car but while I was running it caught me by the heel. And from that moment, I became a prisoner of a beast named BITTERNESS .
Now being a prisoner of this monstrous thing is something that is like no other . In the beginning it takes those things that hurt you, caused you pain and have scarred you and it plays those things over and over in your mind until it’s all you think about . You could be at work and not able to work because those mental events consumes your mind. Here are a few things to remember about bitterness that I’ve learned.

  1. Bitterness separates you from the grace of God. Hebrews  12:15 says “ See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many”.
  2. The devil uses it to capture the realms of our minds. How ? Thoughts . If not careful the devil plants thoughts about the situation in our minds . Then we are consumed with those evil thoughts
  3. When you are bitter you allow someone or something else to take the place of God and they continue to have control over your life.
  4. Bitterness will prolong the forgiveness process, in turn hold up your forgiveness. In moments of disappointments and mistreatment by people , the Bible says you have to be quick to forgive . Why ? Because if you don’t you leave room for Satan to come in and feed you things that are not of God about the situation. The best thing to do in these situations is to immediately pray and speak to the Father about the event that took place. There is no need to consult with your best friend our even your mother. Consult God first. He will put that thing to rest in you before your friend or mom can
  5. When bitterness is rooted it causes a troubled life. Some people are held up in life because they can’t let go of what happened. If you hold on to it your hands are not free to receive from God the solution to your issue. Also all of your good God-given energy has gone into this one grudge . You don’t have energy to start something else or to do anything else. Its been zapped
  6. Bitterness will sabotage your goals . What was the last thing you accomplished? Enough said.
  7. Bitterness opens the door to other evil things . It’s demonic!
  8. And worst of all Bitterness can show up on your face ( Ladies, do you hear me!  More wrinkles)

So let this story  serve as a lesson for  you . Let it go. Give it to God and continue to live your life .He has so much more than bitterness waiting for you. And believe me , it’s better than what you can imagine.


A past prisoner of Bitterness

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