TRTO Encouragement Campaign: Day 3

Dear God’s Beloved One,

 Recently, I began to reflect upon the time I spend with God in prayer.  There are times when I don’t feel like I am doing my best in my relationship with God.  Some days, at best, he gets to spend 15 minutes with me “yapping” the entire time about what I need for Him to do on my behalf.  If God were my physical husband He would equate this to nagging.  So on more days than not, I nag God.  I nag Him about my finances, I beg for things I don’t need, I complain, then if it’s a good day I will beseech Him on behalf of other people.  That does not sound like quality time to me.  In essence, I am shortchanging God in our relationship.  I forget to tell Him how much I value the relationship and the time He dedicates to just being with me.  He overlooks my flaws and loves me even more granting me renewed grace and mercy.  I don’t want to spend our time together “yapping” or “nagging” but I would like to spend time with Him just enjoying His presence.  Take time today to evaluate the quality time you spend with God.  Listen to yourself as you enter His presence in prayer.  Be sure to let God know how special He is to you and that you appreciate your relationship with Him. 



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