TRTO Encouragement Campagin :Day 4

Dear God’s Beloved One,

Often when I travel, I have a tendency to over pack.  I try to make sure that I am prepared for every possible scenario that may take place.  The result is an overstuffed suitcase with many items that are unnecessary for my journey.   The suitcase is so full of things I do not need that when I arrive at my destination I find that I have forgotten to pack essential items.  That is how many of us are traveling on this journey we call life.  We fill our lives with things that are not essential and forsake those things that are necessary for abundant living.  My relationship with Jesus Christ is a necessity.  It has not always been that way but now I cannot go a day without seeking Him.  Don’t crowd your life with a bunch of trivial activities that will stress you out.  Try filling your day with Jesus because He is essential.




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