TRTO Encouragement Campaign: Day 14

Dear God’s Beloved One,
There was a pastor and his wife that liked to have dinner parties. Their congregation was small but they extended invitations to one family at a time to lend their undivided attention to each person. The pastor’s wife would spend almost an entire day preparing to receive guests. She was careful not to overlook any details. She used her best china, silver serving utensils and crystal glasses. When guests would arrive they would find a dinner table befitting royalty with its elegant table settings and delightful foods. God has spared nothing in the preparation of His love letter to you and I. It is a lot like the dinner table filled with delicious foods. Everyday that you wake up is an invitation from God to feast at His table. He has gone to great lengths to prepare meals for His beloved children to dine upon. So what are you waiting for? Accept His invitation and feast upon the word of God.

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