TRTO Encouragement Campaign: Day 24

Dear God’s Beloved One ,

One definition of paralysis is ” A state of powerlessness or incapacity to act “. Like paralysis  fear can also cause a state of powerlessness or incapacity to act when it is introduced into a life. Many have lived a paralyzed life. They want to move in a direction  but because  of fear of failure or fear of the unknown  they  stay  where they are comfortable , letting their  great opportunities and life pass them by. One thing that you should know about fear is that it is False Evidence Appearing Real. What we see that is causing us to “not act” or live in a state of” powerlessness” is not as big as we think . 2 Timothy 1 :7 says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear  and of timidity , but of power , love and self-discipline(NLT)”


When we let fear overtake our lives , it means that we have believed something that God did not speak to us. We have believed Satan over God our Father. Our Father created us and He created us in His image. Fear is not a part of His image and was not in the plan to be part of ours. However it seems to be the reason why we don’t act. I myself have heen paralyzed by fear. And in being fearful, I have missed opportunities and breakthrough. But all is not lost, we can pray to our Father to help us move from fear to faith. Lets pray.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for creating me in your image of a fearless being. When you created me you created me to have a spirit of power,love, and self-discipline. Lord over the years I have fell victim to the spirit of fear which you have stated through Paul that you have not given your children that spirit. I ask you today , to help me move from fear to faith so that I may live the life you have forseen me to live. In Jesus name Amen.

Be fearless,

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