TRTO Encouragement Campaign: Day 29

Dear  God’s Beloved One ,

What do you do with your time ? Is your time spent  running from here to there? The Bible says that we should number our days, meaning  we should  take careful thought to how we spend each minute. Because our lives is nothing but a vapor , we have to make each second count .Two years ago I  attended a service in which Pastor Kerry Shook taught  on being “weird” with your time.  It was based on the book called  Weird by Craig Broeschel.  Here are the notes from that  sermon describing the  key questions you should consider when committing your time .

Teach us to  number our days , that we may get us a heart of wisdom

Psalm 90:12 AMP

Five questions  you should ask yourself concerning commitment of your time

  1. Is it  worth my life?- Does the commitment line up with the will of God?  you will spend most of your time based on  your priorities . If your biggest priority  is work then you will spend most of your time at work .
  2. Is it a divine opportunity or a beautiful distraction ? – Does the commitment  take me away from the purpose and the  will  that God has for my life?
  3. Does it make me come alive or do I die each day ?- Will the commitment  line up with God’s words  and I enjoy it  or is it a dreaded chore. Many people talk about their job as if it
  4.  Will it encroach on  my  sacred margin? Does the commitment take me away from my  time  with God  ? Are you spending less and less time with God?
  5. What are you waiting for ? Procrastination only help us  waste time .  Can you spend that time working on the will God has for you ?



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