A Relationship To Be Thankful For

Dear God’s Beloved One,

In my life I have had my share  of  relationships that have been great and others that have gone completely  wrong. Friends have walked away from me and I have walked away from  friends. But  one  relationship that I can truly say that I am thankful to have, is the one I have with God through Jesus Christ . I  know it sounds cheesy , but its true. Having  this relationship gives me peace and  the ability to be who I was created to be . I don’t have to put on any  facades . I just have to be myself . Its great .The common misconception  about   having  a relationship with God is that  I have to have it all together. This is wrong. I myself don’t get it right everyday. I don’t say  or think the right thing everyday.  I  am work in progress and God knows that . I’m nowhere near perfect but God is  working on that  with me . And the fact He still loves me the same , even with my flaws,  makes me grateful.

I don’t know  where you are in life but let me encourage you that  starting a relationship  with God Through Jesus Christ is the  best thing that you could do . Does it mean that  you won’t have problems? No. Does it mean that you have to have it all together when you come to Him .No. God  will work those things out in you as the relationship grows. If  you don’t have not invited  Jesus into your life and  you would like to know more, Check out our  IWBO( I Wanna Be One) page .

I  hope that  you have a great Thanksgiving  Day !



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