Prayer: What is Your Prayer Life Like?

Dear God’s Beloved One,

It has been a very long time since we’ve last written and here at TRTO, we have some catching up to do! Long story short life took way over and when we looked up it was July. However in that time frame so many things have happened in my life that has made me reflect on some things about my relationship with God and my prayer life .
Have you ever had to rethink the way you approach prayer? Have you ever reviewed your prayer life ? It can be an eye opening experience that reveals more about you and the relationship that you have with God. Recently I  thought about  the prayers I  prayed in the not so distant pass  and  thought to myself” Man that was a little selfish” or ” That conversation with God was totally one sided.” And those revelations was God calling out to me  to reflect on the relationship that I have with Him. It’s Him saying to me  that the  relationship I have  with Him can go to new heights and have a deeper understanding of his nature.

Proverbs 15:8 says,

 The Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked ,but he delights in the  prayers of the upright !


To me that says that God is waiting to hear from his children. He loves to  converse with them . Its like a parent  waiting for a phone call from their child  .The Father is waiting to hear  you from your heart. He does not want to hear  what you think he wants to hear so that you can ask him  for your blessing . He wants  you to speak to  him from your heart with no façade .  As  a way to  start you to reflecting on your prayer life , below are  a few questions that  could lead us( including me)  in the right direction to the prayer life God wants  us to have .Also  if you have questions  about what prayer is,  our Life foundation  page has  a link  to our document called ” What is Prayer” .

  1. What do you think prayer is ?
  2. How do you feel when you pray?
  3. Is it a chore to you to pray ?
  4. Are you just saying words out of routine?
  5. When you pray, where is your mind?
  6. Where is your heart?
  7. Where is your faith?




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