Welcome to TRTO (To Reach The One)!

Welcome! I am glad you stop by. Here you will find messages and revelation through God’s word to help with everyday life. I will give it to you as God gives it to me. In other words it will cut me first before it cuts you! This blog may be a little different from what you are used to . It is written in letter form to a person named Beloved One. Who is that you say? Well it is you!  You see I am writing and posting these letters with the one person that God wants to touch for that day in mind.  The goal is that if I can reach one person then they may be touched and be able to reach 1 million and it will all be to the glory of God. The one thing that I LOVE about the Holy Bible is that  you can read a passage and get 100 different lessons from  it  through the wisdom of God.   So please share your thoughts. I pray and hope that this little offering  blesses you  in  your life .

Until next time …

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