Be Extraordinary

 Dear Beloved One,

   I  was  sitting and  thinking about life and how people ( like myself) get stuck in a routine and  life itself  becomes  ordinary .  We live that routine to the fullest and dare someone or something to change that routine .But Jesus did not live that way. He lived an extraordinary life and all in an extraordinary 33 1/2 years. In  the second part of  John 10:10 Jesus says “ I  have  come that  they  may  have  life  and they may  have it more abundantly “( NKJV).Sound great  right? Well why aren’t more of us (including me) living it?   I thought about this question because when you say it, it seemed so simple. It seemed like “hey you take a couple of trips buy a couple of toys and called it a day” type of thing.  But  when you actually take time to  process the  question  and  analyze it, you  realize that there is a  life that  comes  between those  trips and buys.   And that life  may not be  so  extraordinary .I  finally  came  to the conclusion that I  had to check   what I  call  extraordinary  and  if  it  lined up with  the  Bible .

 I have to admit that what was extraordinary to me may have been a little out of line with the bible. It  included the trips and the expensive buys along with   the  upscale  job ( with  the power  title to match ),  the pay( can  anyone  say  six figures!), and  the  “you better  not sit on my couch  or  waste  anything on my floor” house.  Can you see anything missing? Well what I called living didn’t include anything spiritual and it was most certainly selfish. Now  before I  move on , I know  you are saying  what’s  wrong  with the  trips and if I can “ afford it” buys .  Nothing actually. I believe they have their place, but as a believer our extraordinary life includes Jesus Christ and service.   Jesus traveled and while traveling   rendered service. He  wasn’t  too proud or too  snooty  to get  with the people  that  weren’t  like Him . He made an impact on people live that changed them forever for the better.

Extraordinary calls for extra work and more time than we are willing or can’t give up. It’s giving more of yourself than you are comfortable with for the betterment of others.  That type of stuff takes time.  I  understand that  but  Jesus  took the  time  to make sure we  would be  impacted  by His life  for  the  better , all by  giving His . As followers I believe we can do the same.  Impact someone else’s life for the better




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